Full Service Repair Shop 

We are a full service repair shop and can repair or refurbish almost any club you bring us.

We can replace a broken or bent shaft. We can lengthen or shorten a shaft.

We can re-shaft your woods and/or irons with today's newer technology shafts.

We can re-grip your clubs. If you need larger or smaller grips, we can do that. If you need arthritic grips, we can also do that.  

We can adjust the loft and lie angles of your irons.

We offer a club tune up, where we adjust the loft and lie of your irons, sand blast the hitting surface of your irons, repaint the engravings on all your clubs and replace the grips on all your clubs. This might just be the best $199 you ever spent. 

We can re-finish your Dad's old persimmon or laminated maple woods so you can display them in the family room.

Most club repairs involve using solvents and epoxy. We are concerned about the ecology of our world. We use environment friendly solvents and epoxies. We re cycle used grips and shafts. 

Give us a call or send us an e-mail if you have questions about a specific repair.

(510) 851-6816 clubmaker@eaglegolfclubs.com



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